Who Attends Mystery School?

Those individuals who are ready.

Individuals drawn to Mystery School recognize their inner teacher and are ready to “see” for themselves. They do not give responsibility for their growth to someone or something external. Those who attend Mystery School understand personal responsibility as the greatest of all freedoms. They embrace life as their own ongoing creation – not a product of the past or some possible future. They know nothing can hinder their spiritual growth – no state of mind, no history, no economics, no unconsciousness.

Having had the experience of being seen, heard, loved and cared for in the ways I did with you all enables me to let in the light!
Emily, Branford, CT

From ages 17 to 94, from every walk of life or background, the men and women who attend Mystery School seek to live with intention and offer grateful service as the gateway to liberation.

Who attends Mystery School? Individuals attend who accept that our world can never be better or more constructive than we are, and that life on this Earth depends on what we individually and collectively become.

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