What is Mystery School? 

The answer is within you.

The Mystery School cannot give you God or some universal absolute. It does not promise Nirvana or even transformation. Mystery School will not tell you what to believe. Rather, it will provoke and excite into awakening your deepest truth. Initiations and rites of passage open gateways out of normal states of awareness, revealing new views of yourself and all you once labeled as “real." You will touch a Universal Truth not as something out there, but rather as near as your own heart. A wisdom more honest than thought or idea emerges through your own uncensored experiences.

My thoughts about myself and others, my ability to experience love and compassion, and the way I walk around daily have forever changed. I am lighter, more joyful, and more generous.
Carol, Rainier, OR

Mystery School focuses on embodiment of the human spirit. For within you lives the greatest mystery of the Universe – your true, inner self unbounded by false ideas and distractions. In two, nine-day residentials, 5½ months apart, interspiritual teachers and staff create a safe space of rediscovery. Ten Master Teachers from the Celtic, African, Native American, Spiritual Psychology, Sufi, esoteric Christian, Hindu, Sound Healing, Kabbalah, and Buddhist wisdom traditions invite you to embody a single teaching…the teaching of human awakening!

Our teachers carry the lineage of their individual spiritual traditions. The framework or program structure for these teachings is the human energy system and its vortices (chakras). From root to crown to transpersonal, you’ll spend 18 days exploring the two promises given to students of every mystery school – the promise of death in the middle of your life…and the promise of life everlasting in the middle of your death.

Are you ready to initiate one of the greatest opportunities of your life? Are you willing to shift and change your ideas of who you thought you were in order to discover who you really are? What does it feel like right now to say “Yes," as you step into this great adventure?

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