Our Vision and Mission


We envision people awakening to their essential nature – experiencing union with the Divine and with each other, embracing fully the mystery of life as it graces and challenges them, expressing their wisdom and inner gifts in service to the World.

I feel like so much of the drama and needing to fix everything in my life is gone.
Larry, Phoenix, AZ

Mission Statement

To manifest Our Vision, we will:

  • Create and sustain programs and experiences that offer spiritual community and encourage individuals to explore, with open-hearted consciousness, their inner life at the deepest of levels.
  • Expand our presence in the world by continually stretching our own belief systems, seeking new ways to broaden our visibility and accessibility, creating opportunities that invite a diversity of individuals to find deeper meaning in their lives.
  • As a community, support each other through ongoing mentor programs, community-based sharing, and recognition of the value of each individual’s service in the world.
  • Ensure viability and stability through financial relationship-building and fundraising endeavors with like-minded individuals and organizations committed to the expansion of human consciousness and self-awareness.
  • Extend our research into new teachings and truths that sustain the enrichment of spiritual growth and transformation, seeking to maintain a global outlook rather than being doctrinaire.
  • Continue our own self-inquiry and evaluation of organization motivation and capability ensuring alignment of our work in the world with our core Truths – the practicing of conscious speech, purity of heart and compassionate action as our foundation for openness and trust, respect and responsibility to one another and the world.
  • Maintain unwavering belief in and commitment to our Vision while recognizing it as only the first part of a journey, not a fixed goal.
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