Megan Wagner & Jim Larkin

Kabbalah Tradition

Megan and Jim are Kabbalists and the Founding Directors of the Tree of Life Teachings International. They have dedicated themselves to the embodied practices and wisdom of the ancient Kabbalah, teaching individuals from around the world the integrative path of the Tree of Life, Jacob’s Ladder, and other ancient Kabbalist truths.

Jim and Megan are true Kabbalists and an astonishing teaching pair. Their ability to bring these teachings to life and invite my mind to stop trying to figure things out so my soul could listen… that ability inspired me into a deep truth.
Sandy, Orlando, FL

In addition to teaching, Megan and Jim assist individuals, couples, and families in psycho-spiritual development and healing through counseling, spiritual direction, astrology, sacred art, and rites of passage. As part of their body of teaching, they also take seekers on initiatic spiritual journeys to Damanhur; Italy; Crete; Istanbul; and Thailand. Jim and Megan live from Teferet, the heart at the center of the Tree of Life. They will introduce you to the Central Pillar that when walked awakens the initiate into the truth of the Divine Marriage – human and God.

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