Deborah Jones

Leader of the Mystery School

Deborah Jones is the Executive Director of Nine Gates Programs, Inc., serving as the spiritual leader and primary teacher of the Mystery Schools and other Graduate Programs. She is also the Founder of Nine Gates 11-day Graduate program, the Esoteric School. Deborah has worked intensely with wisdom keepers from around the world, practicing the healing arts, shamanism, the integrative application of the Hindu and Buddhist tantric paths, tribal trance dance, the transpersonal psychology of spiritual awakening through the energy and emotional bodies, and other ancient arts of the wisdom tradition schools.

Her capacity to help us, hold us, to be present to us opened my heart in new ways. She has such mastery and her integrity is palpable. I feel honored to have had her as my teacher and guide for this journey.
Tammy, Alberta, CN
Deborah has been a lighthouse for me through my journey of awakening and embodiment. ….a huge earthquake in my soul.
Darshan, Volcano, HI
To Deborah Jones whose graceful incarnation of Magdalenic energy reassures me that everything I have written in this book is possible.
Cynthia Bourgeault,
The Meaning of Mary Magdalene, dedication

Her spiritual initiations led her to Egypt, India, Greece, Australia, Rome, The Yucatan, and the Orient. Deborah devotes her life to the awakening spirit, alive and vital in all human beings. You will feel this devotion flowing toward you when you meet. In this way she serves as the cornerstone of Nine Gates' Graduate community.

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