David Patten

Druidic Tradition

A Celtic linguist raised in the ancient Druidic tradition of the Oghama, David offers his unique connection to the world of senses and the power of the spoken word. A graduate of the University of Montana, he later taught philosophy at the University of Kentucky. David’s entire life has been a study of the rhythms and cycles of nature, of the heavens, of a human life…of the intertwining of existence within the relational field between all things.

To be with David in silence or to feel him move the energy when he teaches shifted my wondering mind to a grounded safety.
Gail, Spokane, WA

He integrates his Druidic heart with the living spiritual heart of the Balinese peoples and culture, inviting individuals to Bali every year for intense studies. The two dance, inseparable in David’s body of wisdom as an invitation into the ever unfolding depth of “not knowing” with the mind. From that depth, David invites us all into a direct conversation with our Self.

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