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The Journey Continues.

Nine Gates Mystery School provides the foundational training for all Post Graduate Programs. Graduate Programs do not constitute a sequential, ongoing curriculum. Rather Graduate Programs create opportunities to deepen spiritual competencies, self-inquiry, and practices for awakening human potential. Like the Mystery School, Post Graduate Programs are experiential, evocative and initiatic.

I want to add healing energy to the world and be the mirror of no-separation. I have no choice now. Everyone is counting on me. Frances, Arlington, TX

If a Graduate Event is not completely filled within 45 days from beginning of the training, spaces are opened to non-graduates. If you have not attended the Mystery School and are interested in an upcoming Post Graduate Program, please contact us.

Graduate Programs

Wednesday 07/28 2021 to Sunday 08/08 2021

Do you think you’re awake? If you’ve tasted a level of awareness beyond duality – beyond “me” as subject and “other” as object – you recognize our perceived waking state as a veil to penetrate. Waking up into undivided awareness is no doubt life-changing. Yet it can be disembodied. Waking down is the essential second half of the journey, stabilizing and integrating esoteric wisdom back into the body…into the bone. When this happens matter is spiritualized, made completely Aware, and life embodied is known as heaven. This individual becomes an instrument of the highest order, living from above the ceiling of usual awareness. When this happens, you become the instrument of transformation.

Past Graduate Program Offerings

Wednesday 11/28 2018 to Tuesday 12/11 2018
Teachers: Normandi Ellis and Deborah Jones

Out of the Womb of Egypt, access to the great mysteries was born. Egyptian priests (al-Khemists) knew the visible and the invisible together constitute nature.

Wednesday 07/29 2020 to Monday 08/03 2020

CANCELED Teachers: Charlie Morley and Deborah Jones
What if a group of individuals, who trained to dream as a collective vibration, could shift the way humans live together on our Earth? We believe in such possibility!

Thursday 12/10 2020 to Tuesday 12/15 2020
Teachers: John Lockley with Deborah

John is one of the first white men in recent history to become a fully-initiated sangoma priest in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa. In the Foreword of John’s book, Leopard Warrior, our Malidona Some wrote, “John is testimony to the ways in which the African ancestry pick and choose who they want to be the voice of their wisdom in the world... His life is a testimony of a hero’s journey into uncharted territories. He is an artisan of these teachings and more... his work deserves respect and reverence.”

Having spent a long weekend in ceremony with John recently, I completely agree. I am honored to introduce all of you to John... and he, in turn, to introduce you to the Way of the Leopard!

Monday 06/10 2019 to Friday 06/21 2019

From opening night of the Mystery School through the entire two, 9-day sessions and the important months between Part I and Part II, practices are seeded into the curriculum to prepare students for a shift in consciousness beyond subject-object orientation, beyond thinking mind into a direct taste of Unitive Awareness. From that view, the Nine Gates Esoteric School was conceived.

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