Onye Onyemaechi

Onye Onyemaechi is the founding director of Village Rhythms. Onye’s drumming and dance artistry has electrified audiences in the United States and abroad for over thirty years.

Onye was raised in the African Christian traditions that embrace the teachings of the Holy Spirit. He is an African Mystic and faith healer, with a deep relationship with Christ and the Holy Mother Mary. Onye’s ministry of music, prayer and healing draws individuals nearer to Divinity and the miracles of life.

Sobonfu Some

Before Sobonfu was born, she spoke from her mother’s belly telling the Village Elders her purpose. That purpose is to bring ritual and the teachings of community to the West. As a young woman not yet speaking English, she arrived in the United States. From the moment her feet hit our soil, the teachings were infused in this part of the Earth.

David Patten

A Celtic linguist raised in the ancient Druidic tradition of the Oghama, David offers his unique connection to the world of senses and the power of the spoken word. A graduate of the University of Montana, he later taught philosophy at the University of Kentucky. David’s entire life has been a study of the rhythms and cycles of nature, of the heavens, of a human life…of the intertwining of existence within the relational field between all things.

Deborah Jones

Deborah has studied with Dr. Gay Luce for sixteen years and now serves as the spiritual leader of the Mystery Schools and other Nine Gates programs. Deborah has worked intensely with wisdom keepers from around the world, practicing the healing arts, shamanism, the integrative application of the Hindu and Buddhist tantric paths, tribal trance dance, the transpersonal psychology of spiritual awakening through the energy and emotional bodies, and other ancient arts of the mystery schools.

Dr. Gay Luce

Gay is a transpersonal psychologist, author of five books translated into seven languages, and three-time recipient of the American Psychological Association award for journalism. Dr. Luce also founded SAGE, a revitalization program that became the prototype for current work on aging.


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