Carol, Rainier, OR

There is a calm quietness that I can't explain that is with me these days. Sometimes the changes I feel can almost be like a snake shedding its skin. Sometimes like my whole being is shifting, giving birth to something new. It happens within this calm new space and can even feel a bit unnerving at times.

Kind of disturbing yet freeing. I say disturbing because so many changes and new ways of seeing things are opening up.

Also, I feel like so much of the drama and needing to fix everything in my life is gone. Trust me I'm still a work in progress! Also forgiveness plays into all of this. Where I had hurt, I have warmth, where I was unsettled, I find myself more peaceful, where I was angry and blaming, more compassionate, no more blame, where there was drama, there is a more peaceful letting go, a trust that all is well.

Thank you faithful ones who continue to do these good works.

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