Mary, Brooklyn Park, MN

I have attended numerous gatherings throughout my life and I have come back energized, renewed, and oh so ready to share my new found self and wisdom with the world! And inevitably, after a week, I crash. But this is different. It is as though I have fallen in love.

This love warm and gentle
stirs slowly
awakening a sweet nectar of longing,
thirsty to drink in
the grace notes whispering in my ear.

Her divine majesty
unravels an intravenous drip for the soul
feeding the flesh
droplet by droplet.
This time....
the truth of what I experienced
murmurs in the marrow of my bones.

I have taken up with the world
in ways more mysterious than ever before.
This time....
I return not different
because of what I learned,
this time...
I return more fully,
birthing the being I am to be.

This time...
I return able,
because of a witnessing grace
in the eyes of you, oh,
Beloved one.
This time....
I return no longer needing
to 'shout to the world' what I learned
This time....
I return in simple prayer
that I will embody the truth
of the river that flows through me.

God's holy breath
sustains me as never before
and I continue to fall in love
over and over again
day after day after day.

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