David Patten

David is a linguist, a devoted student of languages (French, German, Russian, Japanese and Indonesian), exploring the impact of words on our culture, in our relationships with each other, and the way we engage with our perceived "understanding" or meanings of things. David was raised in the ancient Druidic tradition of the Oghama -- an investigation of the sense-world-relationship. He coalesces these studies into his work as a Teacher at the Nine Gates Mystery School.

David taught Philosophy at the University of Kentucky while in graduate school. He also worked at NSA for awhile. Recently he partnered with a small group of mountain renaissance men, publishing a small newspaper entitled Montana Trails, an experimental journal of spiritual philosophy. David is the founder of the Lontar Project, an effort to resurrect the traditional methods of Balinese manuscript preservation. He leads tours to his favorite place on earth -Bali - every winter.

In addition to his 27 years of teaching associated with Nine Gates Program, Inc., David has focused on forming a Druidic College where he shares his expertise with a broader audience.

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