Georgia Anne Guenzel

Georgia Anne is committed to supporting deep spiritual work with business practices of integrity and transparency. A long-time traveler on a spiritual path, she also has served as a trustee emphasizing management oversight and financial accountability for non-profit organizations for more than 15 years. Since graduating from Mystery School in 2012, Georgia Anne has felt deeply grounded and inspired by the work of Nine Gates. Shealways enjoys staffing and attending Graduate Events.

Georgia Anne retired from the practice of primary care Internal Medicine and Geriatrics in 2005. She is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and practiced in the Harvard teaching hospitals and neighborhood health centers in Boston her entire career. Her teaching specialties were physical diagnosis and the patient-doctor relationship. Always interested in understanding trends, Georgia Anne also holds an MA in History from Carnegie-Mellon University.

In retirement, Georgia Anne returned home to her roots, where she lives with her family in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She is currently intrigued by plant-based cooking, non-traditional healing, geopolitics and clearing out

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