Youth Mystery School

4-1/2 days in the Summer (TBA)

If you’re looking for a chance to train as the ancient sages and shamans did, if you’re wondering if there are personal experiences capable of blowing away your limited view of life while opening up new worlds of possibilities; if you feel something so significant burning inside you that others can’t see or hear yet you know it’s important and real; if you believe there must be other people “out there” who are willing to become way more than the exterior world expects them to be... If this is you, then listen!

I read about adults who were masterful, balanced and secure with themselves in the world. But, I never dreamed that I was potentially one of them.
Sarah, CA

If you are courageous enough to show up for this 4-1/2 day journey, you’re guaranteed to find out something about human potential that few individuals dare undertake. The Youth Mystery School is not a summer camp. It is an experience that will change you forever.

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