Female - 40s - Management Consultant - Wisconsin

Why did you come to Mystery School: 

I was experiencing some health problems associated with job stress, so I decided to take a year off and pursue some different learning experiences. I saw a Nine Gates ad and was intrigued, especially about the idea of the body as energy and learning about moving that energy. I also liked the idea of learning about other wisdom traditions.

How would you describe your Mystery School experience: 

There were definitely parts that made me uncomfortable, but there were also parts that thrilled me, and parts that opened up a whole new world for me. Particularly powerful for me was the work we did with a shaman, where I experienced what for me was a shamanic healing which had a dramatic improvement in my feelings of health and well being.

How has your life been affected by Mystery School: 

My life has been affected in very deep ways. My friends and family tell me that I've changed to become more peaceful. My relationship with my husband is more spiritual and intimate, and this continues even now, five years after Mystery School. My work has also changed completely and almost all the work I do now has a component of service to the world. I feel more peaceful than I ever have in my adult life, and I feel that I am coming back home to a more spiritual life.

Do you have examples of how you use what you learned at Mystery School: 

I did learn how to move energy in the body, and I use this every day for self care. I also have been able to teach this technique to friends and use it to help others. I also have awakened a curiosity about alternative healing practices, and after Mystery School, I studied with Shamans from Hawaii, Australia and Siberia. I now believe that our thoughts and prayers are very powerful, and I have learned to trust my intuition, which I use as a very reliable tool whenever I have a big decision to make.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about Mystery School: 

I would say that if someone is ready to ask a different set of questions of themselves, then this is a very safe and extremely effective place to explore some of life's deepest questions. I would also say to honor your own rhythm and timing. You will know when it is exactly the right time to have this experience. When it is the right time, do not allow old habits or fears about enough money or time to become obstacles. Give yourself the gift of deeper meaning and purpose. You will serve yourself and everyone around you by doing so.

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