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I am grateful and humbled. I never knew life could be like this...and then like that...and then like this again so quickly. The veil lifts more and more. The spaciousness astounds me. I am here! Alexander, Hollywood, FL

Two tuition grants for both the Spring and Fall 2020 Mystery Schools ($3,950 each) have been funded by a supporter of both Nine Gates Programs, Inc. and AWCIM.

It's a promise! Within 24 hours of your initial contact request you will receive a personal email from one of our Graduates. That email will let you know your brochure is in the mail and/or it will contain a direct response to your question. But that's not all the personal service you'll be offered by Nine Gates.

Out of the Womb of Egypt, access to the great mysteries was born. Egyptian priests (al-Khemists) knew the visible and the invisible together constitute nature.

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