Our Teachers

They fostered an environment of genuine compassion and trust I have never experienced before. Jennifer, Ferndale, MI

Our teachers carry the lineage of their spiritual tradition. They embody and live what they teach, rather than speak about it. You will experience direct transmission through their living example.

It is an experience in which nothing is superficial, nothing is trivial, and everything counts. Everything has purpose and meaning... Mike, San Mateo, CA

Our teachers acknowledge the Mystery School as an integrated experience – where all traditions are known beyond dogma of separation and difference. Our teachers devote their lives to awakening the human spirit – individually and collectively. You will know their hearts by their actions.

Dr. Gay Luce:
Creator of the Mystery School
Deborah Jones:
Leader of the Mystery School
David Patten:
Druidic Tradition
Sobonfu Some:
Onye Onyemaechi:
African Christian Tradition
Michael Eller:
Native American Tradition
Shabda Kahn:
Sufi Tradition
Munir Peter Reynolds:
Sufi Tradition 
Rev. Bill Redfield:
Esoteric Christian Tradition
Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault:
Esoteric Christian Tradition
Megan Wagner & Jim Larkin:
Kabbalah Tradition
Mark Saito:
Hawaiian Tradition
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