Program Structure

Part I — Embodiment

Root to Heart

Grounded into this Earth (the more finite world of FORM,) gate by gate you experience the embodied teachings of the Celtic, tribal African, Native American, spiritual psychology, Sufi and healing arts practices:

I have not experienced anything as life-changing as this.
Lucy, Thousand Oaks, CA

Gate One – Embodiment
Ground into your body the rhythms and cycles of nature, the heavens, creation, and yourself, meeting life fresh and free of aversion.

Gate Two – Community
Build community, learning to trust and receive support from “other” as a gateway into your expanded world view.

Gate Three – Uncluttered View of Self
Beyond your story of self, become liberated from projection and judgment, exploring your unfettered individual will as a manifesting tool.

Gate Four – Compassion
Experience your heart soft and open, forgiving, embracing the strength of purity and love unconditioned.

Bridge between Part I and Part II

The 5-1/2 months between Part I and Part II are integral to the ongoing experience of the Mystery School. You will not be alone during this significant time of integration. After Part I you receive an extensive manual of resource materials. You choose a staff member as your individual point of contact, engaging in an alive, one-on-one mentorship program. Weekly practices, like the teachings of Mystery School, build on each other toward a finely tuned inner stillness and present moment awareness. You are invited to share your experiences and what you are learning with your classmates in an online format. The Bridge time is a significant part of Mystery School, stabilizing Part I and uniquely preparing you for the journey of Part II – the turn toward embodied, non-dual awareness.

Part II — Expansion

High Heart to Transpersonal

Grounded into the Heavens (the more subtle realms of FORMLESS), the journey continues with the profound teachings of esoteric Christianity, Hinduism, sound healing, the Kabbalah, and Buddhism.

Never having so many challenges to tackle in my life, I have also never felt so quickly reconnected to Source and a sense of peace.
Jessie, New York, NY

Gate Five – Agape / Bhakti
Explore your capacity to know Love beyond personhood, surrendering to the Divine within you…you as Guru.

Gate Six – Power of Voice
Explore your voice as an instrument for harming or healing, cultivating the ability to speak consciously.

Gate Seven – Unseen Realms
Bridge the seen and unseen realms, developing your intuition, experiencing the depth of “as above so below”, “as within so without” as the Divine Marriage of God and human.

Gate Eight – Embodiment: Gateway of Death
Leap into the Great Mystery of death, exploring the question “what survives physical death…what continues.”

Gate Nine – Non-Dual Awareness
Change your view of life forever, experiencing directly that you are not separate, but rather a unique expression of the One God Consciousness.

Click Here for a more detailed description of each Gate.

Mystery School…awakening to the truth that I am not separate from all Creation. In a flash of remembrance, you can know our world will never be more compassionate and peaceful than your own human heart. Mystery School provides tools and a cultivated inner fortitude to become that compassionate heart…alive and awake.

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