What Do Students Say?

Don't take our word for it - read what our students say.

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"I was spiritually stuck!"
"I have grown, mourned, loved, celebrated, connected, been seen and known at a soul level..."
"I am able to enter that place of peace and release the "daily doing" mental gymnastics..."
"How does my body feel when I live this way? Breakthroughs everywhere!"
"So much beauty and magic has surrounded these last 365 days!"
"Without doubt we knew, "I am here, I am alive.... and so is everything else!"
My ability to experience love and compassion has forever changed.
I give myself more permission to BE and not worry so much about DOING.
The more I know, the less I know, the more I want to know.
The totality of these experiences have forever changed my thoughts (about myself and others),
Mystery School provided me the solid foundation within to not only believe in myself, but to discover who that person really is.
Nothing is superficial!
Mystery School lifted a load I didn’t even realize I was carrying.
My world view has expanded dramatically and I feel a little bit like a toddler learning how to walk.
How could I do otherwise than follow my heart... this deep yearning to serve humanity.
After other workshops I return inspired, but it doesn't stick. This time... it is different.
For me it was a true healing; a healing I did not even know I needed.
I have not experienced anything as life-changing as this.
Never having so many challenges to tackle in my life, I have also never felt so quickly reconnected to Source and a sense of peace.
I feel like so much of the drama and needing to fix everything in my life is gone.
I have waited 34 years for these 10 days.
I want to add healing energy to the world and be the mirror of no-separation. I have no choice now. Everyone is counting on me.
Things that seemed important before don't have the same charge and things on the backburner have suddenly burst into flames.
I am someone I can trust.
When I let go....a really strange thing happened. All my gifts began to come to me.
The veil lifts more and more. The spaciousness astounds me.
The sense of happiness & well-being that came out of 9 gates is still with me. I'm seeing my life differently...
I have been able to forgive myself, love myself and (this is a biggie) let go of the story!