Our Graduates in the World

We all hope to leave a legacy. We want our life to be a gift to our family, to people we care about and our larger community. We want to make a difference. Nine Gates Graduates impact our world in inspiring and differentiated ways. Their transformation at the individual level often involves struggle as well as breakthroughs. Collectively they demonstrate a determined movement from living unconsciously to learning to live awake. What is your journey and your unique gift to offer?

An Invitation from Graduates to share their journey.

Three unique women each rediscovers her authentic self, offering her life in service.
When Loren was young he often felt trapped from expressing his deeper self. As his transformative process unfolded, he learned how to bring his true self out into his life.
Discover how Karen’s life and her unwavering spirit opened her heart to the experience of self-love.
Tom transforms the quality of his life by embracing stillness, welcoming quietness and shifting from mind into heart-centered leadership of family and life.