What is the Mystery School?

The Mystery School cannot give you God or some universal absolute.  It does not promise Nirvana or even transformation, because these things are within you already.  Mystery School will not “tell” you about truth, but will provoke and challenge and excite into awakening the truth which lies within.  This kind of truth cannot be given.  Yet, it can be called forth through personal experiences which take you out of normal states of awareness – through initiations and rites of passage calling you into new ways of seeing Self and everything you once believed was real. 

Within you lies a doorway to the Infinite.  The journey to find that doorway can be arduous for it takes you into the landscape of your inner being.  Are you willing to initiate one of the greatest challenges of your life?  Are you willing to change your ideas of who you thought you were in order to discover who you really are?  Say, “Yes”.  Leave behind your safety net and discover the knowledge that is your birthright.  Many stand at this doorway, but few dare enter. 

Inside you live the mysteries of the Universe.   Mystery School is a doorway into that grand adventure.

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