The Nine Gates Mystery School is an expression of the movement of the Divine Human spirit -- that which is alive in all of us and wants to know itself without question. This unveiled sense of divine radiance is the eternal yearning of the human soul, whose movement we call transformation.

Every soul is pressing for closeness with the Source of all Being.  While we reside in our physical bodies, can we raise our vibration high enough to become free of our preconceptions, and thus approach that limitless mystery?  Yes we can.  Without dogma or doctrine, the Mystery School experience brings us face to face with thoughts and self-projections that hide our true nature from ourselves.  Through this revealing, we come to see life out of our essence -- not just for an exalted hour here and there, but as a way of life.  

The Mystery School issues an invitation to individuals who recognize that personal transformation is the path to societal transformation -- that spiritual growth is an investment in personal and global awakening… a deposit in the future of human life and this planet. 

The Mystery School experience is life changing.  It bonds people whose souls demand this transformation.

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