Advanced Wisdom School

Deborah will join Cynthia Bourgeault as adjunct faculty at the Advanced Wisdom School Leadership Training in North Carolina. Deborah will bring to this week-long training teachings for integrating embodied wisdom into the depth question for Christian leadership, “What is unique about the Christian metaphysical truth?”

Imagining the World into Existence: An Ancient Egyptian Exploration of Conscious Creation

Out of the Womb of Egypt, access to the great mysteries was born. Egyptian priests knew the visible and the invisible together constitute nature. They knew the divine plan underlying the world of Time, Space, and Causation could not be relegated to the Macrocosm, but rather must be experienced in the Microcosm through an internalization of spiritual faculties. They had a complete grasp of astronomy, solar systems, planetary bodies, distances, the procession of the equinoxes, the truth of ever-turning cycles.


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