Event Fee Grant Request

The Council of Guardians is delighted to make Event Fee Grants available to Graduates who otherwise could not come to the Reunion. This is not an application form. Rather this form serves as a Request to the Board for Grant award. Grants will be awarded on a first come first serve bases. The only consideration for each Grant Request is your own evaluation and decision to request a Grant for the amount needed. It’s hoped that as many Graduates possible can receive needed assistance.
Grants are to be applied to Reunion Event Fee only. No Grant funds are available for room and board.

Reunion Raffle Ticket Info

As part of the 2016 Reunion fundraising activities, two types of Raffle Tickets are now on sale. What’s being raffled?

2 Chances to Win a Full Tuition to Mystery School
Value $3,950 each
Donation of $25 Per Ticket

3 Chances to Win Event Fee for an Upcoming Graduate Event
(Grad Events are only for Graduates of Mystery School)
Value $750 each
Donation $15 Per Ticket

Graduate Information Update Request

Please use this form to submit your updated information to the Graduate directory.

A Mystery School representative will review your request and confirm within 48 hours.


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